Saturday, October 15, 2011

Books I've Read Recently

Everlong - Hailey Edwards

The cover got me. The story kept me. This book is in my keeper collection.

Madelyn Degray has a rescuer and friend always there for her. Harper is her protector, but when she meets his brother Clayton, sparks fly. What is a girl to do?

The friendship between Madelyn, Emma, and Harper is unbreakable. But the heat between Clayton and Madelyn is undeniable. I can't wait for the next installment of Evermine (Harper and Emma's Story) to see more of Clayton and Madelyn. I'm not ready to give them up at the end of this book I want more.

I want a Clayton of my own.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A year without a post!!

Dang I haven't been here in over a year. That's really sad, especially when I'm still getting books every week from Paperback swap, the library or the local used book store. I will try to start reposting soon.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 2010 Post

I've been reading, but again too busy with work, household things, elderly parents, etc....

But I will try to post a bunch of books per post. So if I'm not on every month maybe I'll review 10 books on one post.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Long time no blog

Wow, I haven't been on here since January.

I have been reading, just haven't had any time to post about it.

The best books I've read since January are:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rediscovered the Library - LOVE IT!!

So I haven't used the library since I was a kid in school. But one day I decided to open there website alongside my wishlist from the paperbackswap website.

Low and behold I could put books on hold from all over Libraries in the district and they would transfer them to my local library for free. I have read alot in the last 6 months because of this, and cut my wish list in half. I am very happy.

They also cut my swapadvd wishlist in half as well. So for some of you who are going to trading stores, and thrift stores, make sure you check out your library first and their conditions on holds and transfers. It will save you a lot of time and money, as well as shelf space.


Happy New Year (A Little Belated-Sorry)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marliss Melton Navy SEAL's Series

Helen's distant Navy SEAL husband, Gabe, has been missing for a year and is now presumed dead. While she grieves over his death, she is surprised by her newfound clarity, she doesn't need him to survive, and she and her daughter are fine without him.

Then she learns Gabe has been found but has no memory of their life together, or of her. As Gabe begins to heal from his physical and mental trauma, he shows Helen how much he's changed from the distant husband she once knew.

But what will happen when his memories return? Will he be the man he was before? Will his life be in jeopardy again? In the midst of all this, Helen realizes that she is falling in love with her husband...for the first time.

Hannah Geary wants revenge. A rogue SEAL commander had her Defense Intelligence partner killed, he threw her into a Cuban prison, and he’s still trafficking stolen weapons. But to catch a bad SEAL, she needs a good one. Lt. Luther Lindstrom is used to calling his own shots--in combat and in the bedroom.

He just ended his engagement to his pretty-in-pink, cheating fiancée. The last thing he wants is a relationship, especially with a sexy, strong-willed woman like Hannah.

Yet danger has a way of driving people together. With Hannah and Luther only a step away from one of the FBI’s most wanted criminals, their attraction grows to explosive proportions.

Sara Garret thought the military lawyer she married would be the perfect husband and father. But he has become her worst nightmare. Now one vicious act has driven Sara to take their young son and flee. And she discovers that the only thing more frightening than running away is trusting a stranger.

Chase McCaffrey is a damn good sniper and an even better SEAL, but he's no knight in shining armor. Still, he can't refuse Sara's plea for help. Nor can he control the attraction he starts to feel. What grows between Sara and Chase is electrifying and irresistible. What they must face is terrifying: an explosive combination of sinister calculation and murderous rage.

Penny Price dreads the sound of her ringing phone. She's convinced that the person barraging her with threatening calls is a man who got away with murder -- her father's. Armed with evidence but branded a target, Penny's only salvation is the playboy next door -- Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Joe Montgomery.

The sole survivor of the worst disaster in Special Forces history, Joe has been drowning his guilt in a potent mix of alcohol and isolation. Penny refuses to indulge his behavior and a tentative friendship begins, charged with desire.

But as her father's killer sets his sights on Penny, all bets are off. The killer will do anything to protect his identity and Joe fears Penny is... NEXT TO DIE.

DON'T GIVE UP. It's love that keeps teacher Jordan Bliss up at night: the lost love for a Venezuelan orphan named Miguel...and the memory of a Navy SEAL tearing him from her arms. Now in the U.S. and longing for her child, Jordan vows to somehow, some way, bring Miguel home.

DON'T LOOK BACK. To Navy SEAL Solomon McGuire, orders are orders. But the fierce passion in Jordan's voice and the fire in her eyes when he separated her from her son haunt his dreams. Eager to make amends, Solomon promises to pull every string he can to find Miguel. Only time will tell if Jordan can trust him and forgive him.

One thing is certain: His desire for her is relentless and irresistible. And soon their indestructible love will be tested by a terrifying trap of violence...DON'T LET GO.

Thoughts: This is a wonderful Navy SEALS Series, I couldn't wait to get each and everyone into my hands.

Rating: 5 Stars Each

Location: Sitting pretty on my bookshelf.